CN103574584A Waste heat boiler boilingout technology

  • Urban Dictionary: Boilermaker

    A game where you get a bunch of friends, dress up in expensive business suits, and head out to a shitty bar. Once there, you act like you are extremely wealthy and important while everybody at the bar wonders who the fuck you all are and why you're at their shittyGet Price

  • boiler - Wiktionary

    ETA. Estimated Time of Arrival (also seen as ETOA) ETA. Employment and Training Administration (US Department of Labor) ETA. Electronic Travel Authority. ETA. Electronic Transactions Association. ETA.Get Price

  • Coal-fired boilers - Page1 - Products - ZOZEN boiler

    2021/6/29 · Horizontal steam boiler with natural gas is recognized as a green product in the boiler industry, with the advantages of environmental protection and no pollution, intelligent operation, safety and reliability, super high thermal efficiency, and is a relatively mature type of industrial boiler by ZOZEN, which is loved by many users.Get Price

  • Urban Dictionary: boiler rooming

    When a guy who owns a Harley Street Glide is giving another man a blowjob; whom is on the toilet with diarrhea. Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the advertisements you see. To learn more about Get Price

  • Urban Dictionary: Boiler Job

    2021/2/6 · 1. the basic Japanese noun for "cat." 2. Japanese slang for the "bottom" in a homosexual relationship. The claim that it is derived from the word for "cat" is a folk etymology; the true origin of the word is unknown, but it might be related to the Japanese verbs "neru" (る: to lie down, to lie supine; to go to bed, to go to sleep)/"nekaseru" (かせる: to put someone to …Get Price

  • Urban Dictionary: Boilers Ticket

    2005/3/31 · Ticket 1 million dollars. Pete: "Whats up Kevin." Kevin: "Nothing, whats up with you?" Pete: "Nothing." Kevin: "Hey, guess what I did last night. I met a dirty Japanese whore at 2 AM and got my nob slopped for $10."Pete: "That's cool."Get Price

  • Pot-boilers - definition of Pot-boilers by The Free Dictionary

    Pot-boilers synonyms, Pot-boilers pronunciation, Pot-boilers translation, English dictionary definition of Pot-boilers. n. A literary or artistic work of poor quality, produced quickly for profit.Get Price

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